Blender 2.75 is available for download (see Release Note for new features).

I’ve already downloaded and installed it but there was a minor issue with the Blend4Web Add On that said it’s not working with Blender 2.75.
Luckily there’s also a new release of Blend4Web available (see Release Note here and some tips and tricks here).

And I found a new useful Add On in the world wide web for all those people who like to 3D print their work without any effort. 🙂
You can download the Add On here, then install it and follow the instructions in the short manual. It’s available for 3ds Max, Blender, Sketch Up, Inventor and other software applications.

I’ve already tried it with Blender and it works like a charm. 🙂
Simply choose your model in Blender, click on the 3D Print Button in your tools palette, then a website opens in your browser where you can see your (already for print repaired/prepared!) model along with some 3D print services to check prizes for serveral materials. Change the size of your model, if you want, check prizes and choose your preferred service. You will be asked to login to the service (or to create an account) and allow the website to upload your model to your account.
I’ve uploaded my models to Shapeways where I’m a registered member, and now I am waiting for the prints to come to decorate my home (I’ve of course ordered two of my furniture models, this chair and this couch).

Two new chairs
Autodesk Entertainment Suite