First I’ve modeled a new prop for the recent Speedmodeling Contest at Active Rendering (thread is only visible for registered members).

mystique hourglass

There’s still some minor work to do to make it available as my march freebie prop for Poser but I’m on the way.

And my digital furniture collection is growing. 😉

I’ve made a new couch as an easter freebie:
Couch 43
Couch 43
This couch can be searched (and found 😉 ) at the german speaking forum Render Atelier. It is a co-production, the prop is modeled by me, the poses for Genesis 2 Female are by Edheldil (one of the moderators) and the textures are made by Pam from RenderWelten (owner of the forum). If you’re a registered member you can look for the easter egg in about three weeks. 🙂

And here’s already the next couch for my couch factory, a selling product I’m still working on:
Couch No. 44

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