» Waiting for my new desktop pc

Waiting for my new desktop pc

May I introduce my new desktop pc:

Battlebox i7-5930K – Titan X SLI

Case: Corsair – Carbide Air 540 with window, black
CPU: Intel Core i7-5960X, 8 x 3.00 GHz
Mainboard: MSI X99A SLI Plus / USB 3.1, Intel X99
Graphics: 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X 12 GB, EVGA – SLI
RAM: 64 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2400 (8 x 8 GB)
SSD: 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO
HD: 6 TB Toshiba Desktop Series
Drive: Blu-Ray Brenner LG BH16NS40 (inkl. Blu-Ray Softwarepack)
Powersupply: 1200 W – Corsair AX Professional Platinum AX1200i (digital)
Cablesleeve: Cable Sleeve for Mainboard- & VGA-Connections
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Z
CPU-Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX CPU-Watercooler
OS: Windows 10 Pro, 64 Bit, DE (incl. A+ UEFI-Installation)

It is still in production and I can’t wait for it. 🙂
It’s a kind of gamer pc but without explicite modding cause I don’t need a good looking pc but one with much powerrrrrr …

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