» Freebie: Modular room for DAZ Studio

Freebie: Modular room for DAZ Studio

And I have also a new freebie, a modular room for DAZ Studio:

Modular Room for DAZ Studio

Modular room with separate parts:
Ceiling / Floor / Wall Left / Wall Back / Wall Right (with window) / Curtains Left / Curtains Back / Washboard

Each part comes with one material and is uv-mapped so you can use your own materials if you want.
Ceiling – concrete / Floor and Washboard – wood / Walls – plaster / Curtains – handpainted landscape / Window – landscape view (I used one of my own photographs)

Every part of the room is a separate prop so you can mix and match:
e.g. use the right wall with the window also for the left side, use the ceiling (with concrete material) as floor, use with or without washboard, use with or without curtains.

You can download this (and all other freebies of this year) at my Patreon page, or at Renderhub or Renderosity.

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