Maybe you know that I have an account at ArtStation where I’m showing/selling my projects and products too.
Last times I’ve seen more and more panorama images for archviz there, and I had to try this sort of presentation too.
In Blender it is really easy to setup: make a scene that is convenient for an all around render e.g. a room or interior, create a camera in the middle of this scene, set the lens type to “Panoramic” and the Panorama Type to “Equirectangular”, set the dimensions resolution to a ratio of 2:1 and then hit render and save this render as a jpg.
You have to upload this image as “360 Pano” in ArtStation and after publishing it you can easily navigate through the image like in this one.

Chair 129 in 3D view
DAZ Studio Freebie: Origami Zoo