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Apartment – Bedroom final render

Here’s the final render of the bedroom of the apartment with some clutter, more lighting and a teddy (Fur made with particle system slowing down the render on my graphic cards … Anyway, the machine was able to render.): Participant of the CGTrader Digital Art Competition Oh, and here’s a render form another point of
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Apartment – Bedroom with bookshelf

Blender Market has it’s spring sale and I couldn’t resist – now I have one, two, three … more addons to play with. 😉 First one is a book wizard, very useful for architectural visualization projects. To try it I spent my apartment project a little cultural spirit with a shelf in the bedroom: For
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Bookshelf With Couch

Today I had fun re-modeling Stanislav Katz’ Console Book Shelf in Blender:

Lounge Room II

This is the lounge room I made for The Architecture Academy (Module 1): Couch, glass table, tear lamp, books and plants are models by Andrew Price, everything else is made by me. Cycles render with 1300 s/px, no postwork.


Okay, one more render of the furniture tutorials of The Architecture Academy: As always, modeled, mapped, textured and rendered in Blender. The next tutorials will be curtains (with more tips for cloth simulation), couch and rug (particle simulation), then I can start with the first module, the lounge room. 🙂 Ah, and not to forget
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Bookshelf With Books

Bookshelf with books: It’s a really nice freebie provided by LuxXeon – thanks for this! Cycles render with 2000 s/px and limited global illumination, no postwork.

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