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Freebie: Modular room for DAZ Studio

And I have also a new freebie, a modular room for DAZ Studio: Modular room with separate parts: Ceiling / Floor / Wall Left / Wall Back / Wall Right (with window) / Curtains Left / Curtains Back / Washboard Each part comes with one material and is uv-mapped so you can use your own
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Images of August, Part 2

I was hard working last month and rendered more images, released two freebies (e.g. Deco Cat) and even released a product for selling. 🙂 For the records, here are my renders of August, Part 2: Finished dining room Konsole table Garden Furniture Set 2 Interior 12 Interior 13 Interior 13 in retro style Interior 14
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Window With Curtains

Another render of the furniture tutorials of The Architecture Academy, this time a window with lacy curtains. Rendered in Cycles, 1500 s/px, limited global illumination. It’s nearly a night render cause my graphics card produced an error when I tried to use a HDRI image as background and for lighting. So I faked the sky
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