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Purchase Items: 3 furniture sets for DAZ Studio

Me was busy in the past weeks and released 3 furniture sets for DAZ Studio: Furniture Set 6 – designer chair – designer table (“ocean table”) – dishes set Each item comes with one texture / material set and is uv-mapped = ready for using your own textures. Please note: because of the special shape
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Two objects

What I’ve modeled in the past two days: Object (I didn’t find a suitable name for it.) Snakes In Love BTW, here is my Object with no name 😉 and Snakes in love as 3D models: Object by kratzdistel on Sketchfab Snakes in love by kratzdistel on Sketchfab Ah, and both models are now available
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Unfortunately I got arthrosis in two fingers after recovering from the cold but nevertheless I tried to render something new in Blender:

Another Glass Render In Cycles

Here’s another render with glasses (and a napkin), this time with fake glass material (no caustics needed) and one area light plus one environment lighting (no plane light emission needed) to speed up render time. And it worked 😉 2000 s/px with limited global illumination, appr. 50 min. render time. This work is licensed under
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Engraved Glasses

I try to become more familiar with Blender’s node editor, so I followed a tutorial How to engrave glass and this is my rendered image (Cycles render with 1700 s/px and limited global illumination): This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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