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Portraits of women

I’ve started a series of portraits of women, most of them AI generated with postwork. Today I’ve edited one portrait with a mix of digital painting and filters, it’s now minted and available as NFT at Mintable: Woman’s NFT #6 Here’s my complete portfolio.

Where to buy: freebies and products

Here’s a list of sites – just in alphabetical order – where you can buy my stuff for 3D Prints, Blender, DAZ Studio, Microstock, NFTs and Poser: Adobe Stock (Microstock) ArtStation (Blender, DAZ Studio) Opensea (NFT: Animations, Art) Patreon (Membership: Blender, DAZ Studio, Poser) Renderhub (3D printable models, Blender, DAZ Studio) Renderosity (DAZ Studio, Poser)
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NFT BnW Woman on sale

I’ve decided to sell some of my work as NFT, my first item is listed at OpenSea:

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