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Merry Christmas

Here’s a short animation made with Werble and Garageband on my iPad:

Fluid Designer (Blender fork)

If you’re interested in architectural vizualisation you should give Fluid Designer a try: Free Download (with registration) @ Microvellum

Blender Cloud

Just made my subscription for the Blender Cloud (45 € for the first three months and then 10 € / month for the next 15 months) to support Project Gooseberry. I’m in! 😉 If you want to know what you will get for your subscription to the Blender Cloud, take a look at this video
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Fire Simulation

Here’s an animation I rendered in Blender following a tutorial by blenderhilfe.de

Modeling Pants Timelapse

My first timelapse video ever. 😉 Modeling of the pants is done in Blender with the help of the contours retopology addon by CG Cookie. Imported in Poser as a dynamic clothing prop, rendered in Poser, no postwork. Credits: Victoria 4 by DAZ 3D Hair by SWAM Top by Silverelf Materials by WhopperNnoonWalker Music from
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