I’m kratzdistel and one of my hobbies is everything with 3D and multimedia.
After more than 6 years of learning and experiencing I think it’s time for a little portfolio-blog.

All of the content on this website was created by me.

Software and/or tools (see the list below) I use for my work are purchased – if it’s not freeware – and registered, if necessary.

Some work may include derivates of merchant resources, e.g. textures. If this is a product you can purchase I will provide you with a link to the store or the specific product, where you can find the description file (Read Me) with more informations about it.

In the freebies categories of this site you will find some of my work, be it photos or 3D freebies for DAZ Studio and Poser etc. you can download for free.
Every photo in this category has a Creative Commons License, so you will know how you can use them legally.
3D Freebies have a link to the hosting site where you can download them. Please make sure to have a look at the included Read Me file where you can find detailed informations on how you can use them legally.

Please note: You are NOT allowed to resell my files in whole or in part, you are NOT allowed to give them away as a gift or offer them for free download.


Software and tools I own resp. use (the more or less 😉 ) in alphabetical order:

3D Coat
Adobe Creative Suite
Autodesk Entertainment Suite Ultimate
Crazy Talk Animator Pro
Crazy Talk Pro
DAZ Studio
Filter Forge Pro
iClone Pro
Magix Music Maker Premium
Marvelous Designer Advanced
Poser Pro
Shader Map Pro
Substance 3D Augmented Reality
Vue Complete
(to be continued)